Wireless AT&T Television Boxes Make Setting Up TVs Anywhere in the House Easy

When we first moved here we had cable TV and Internet. It got crazy expensive, so we dropped the cable TV and got satellite. They offered us a huge discount for the first year with the price going up the second year. Overall we had a savings over the cable. I never liked not having control over channel lineup changes or being able to control what a company charges me for TV. Sure, it is their business, but I’m the customer. Aren’t customers always supposed to be right? I found AT&T in California had U-Verse available. You can bundle your Internet, home phone service and digital TV programming. It is cool because your TV programming actually is fed over the phone line connected to your house. It is not some goofy service either. The TV channels look really great, and you have a lot of options.

TV over phone lines is something you need to see to believe. Depending on your service, you can even get a Wi-Fi box that lets you wirelessly connect TV sets. No cables to run! You can even put a TV out on the deck or patio to watch the big game or have an outdoor movie night. I never had that capability with a cable box. We had to call for a technician to come out to the house just to move a television set in a bedroom to another wall. A wireless box would have made it really easy for us to do on our own. We have a large island in the kitchen that we usually sit around to eat lunch. The far end is connected to the wall and we have a TV there now with a wireless box. I like watching the news when I get up early and have coffee. This is so much more convenient than cable or satellite TV.

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