Keeping Competitive Fishermen Honest in Tournaments

You know the stories of how fishermen exaggerate the size of the fish they catch. Well, when you are sponsoring a tournament in fishing, you need to have undeniable proof to prove the winners. We use a top notch scale we found when we were looking at the best fishing tournament scales for 2016. We needed precision accuracy. The purse for the contests ran into some big money and prizes. We definitely wanted precision to avoid any disagreements. We even had the scales we bought certified by the county we were holding the contest in.

If it was just a bunch of people fishing for bragging rights, it would not have been a big deal what kind of scale we used. However, some of the prizes were worth more than a lot of people make in a year. Sponsors were offering expensive tackle and even bass boats, motors and trailers. A vehicle manufacturer was offering a truck to pull a boat. That was the top prize as far as monetary value goes. This is why you wanted every fish weighed down to the fraction of a gram.

When we had a winner for the top prizes, they were clear winners. The scales were super accurate and very reliable. We even followed a strict protocol on how the fish were to be weighed. There were no shortcuts or deviations. You really have to stick to a strict routine for competitive fishermen so you do not have anyone cry foul. I understand it, because I have competed in different fishing tournaments myself. You feel a lot more confident when you see there are rules and the staff and judges are sticking to the rules. I have won some big prizes, and I never wanted what I won to be questioned by someone in second place.

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