Doing Some Work in the Place We Rent

I met a bunch of guys when I got to Va Tech a couple of years ago and eventually I moved into a great big house with a four other guys. One of the older guys got a job with a big company in the Silicon Valley. One day he was at school, but he was celebrating and it was obvious that he still had a buzz. They had made him one of those offers you can not refuse. He took care of us sort of as well, because he got the company could pay us a tech support outsourcing contract. It was really easy actually. of course we are not really doing that much. Most of the people who do this sort of job are not overly qualified, because they just can not afford to pay people who are extremely well qualified. We had to sign some confidentiality agreements and then they started giving us teleconference lessons in their product, which was pretty easy for us to understand.

The money is not incredible of course, becaus they know that they can get other people to do it for less, but they are sending us the clients who need help the most or the clients that they can least afford to have angry at them. It is a pretty good deal for us, because we would otherwise be trying to make money doing something like working in a restaurant or a grocery store. That sort of sucks, and the only way to find a job like that which does not suck is to look for one where there are a lot of pretty girls working with you. Of course we have been trying to figure out how to fix that part of it, because that is the only thing wrong with this job.

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