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We Are in the Business Now

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

My husband and I were talking about what type of business venture we wanted to get into after we both lost our jobs. We worked at a drug company where we researched drugs to cure things like cancer but we were laid off after the company felt that they had too many people in research and design. We decided that we were going to get into the slurry recycling business as we both hold the environment near and dear to our hearts. While we were in college we both did an internship at the North Pole where we recorded weather data and measured the snow’s response to climate change. There, he transferred colleges to be closer to me and from that point on, we were both inseparable. I feel so lucky that I have been with him for over fifteen years and we have two great kids together.

We were lucky that we always saved every extra penny that we could because that let us have some funds to invest into a company that we decided would be in the recycling business.

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